About Us
From the South and the North. Met in the Rocky Mountain West. Lived briefly in the Caribbean, then back in the South. Did eleven years of hard time in California, liberated to the Live Free or Die state.

Trajectory of one career:
Bus boy, waiter, bartender, M.S. grad student, Ph.D. candidate, rough carpenter, student again, mail courier, network installer, cable maker, technical specialist (deliciously vague), test engineer for mainframe computers, student yet again, technical writer.

And of the other:
M.S. grad student, emergency medical technician, orthopedic medical assistant, back to school, R.N., ICU nurse.

Dogs. Guns. Motorcycles. Being outside. Quiet. Absence of neighbors. Planting things. Dogs. Making beer. And wine. Anything that can be done from a tractor. Fresh, I mean hot from the hen, eggs. Seeing Europe by motorcycle. Country ham. Grits. Anything fried on a biscuit. Almost forgot: Dogs.

Cities. Crowds (loosely defined as more than about ten people). Freeways. Noise. Weeds. Airline travel. People using cell phones while driving. People driving. Okay, fine: People. Kidding.