The main part of the house was built around 1806. The Map of Hillsboro County, New Hampshire, 1858 was the most comprehensive survey of the county at the time. The roads were measured with wheel odometers, and the surveyors wrote down the name of the owner of each house they passed. The map shows the house was occupied by W. Scripture. I think this was Ward Scripture, 1790-1869. He is buried right up the road in Pole Hill Cemetery.

The state atlas of 1892 indicates that L.A. Blood was the owner at the time of that survey. I believe this was Luther A. Blood, 1831-1910. L. A. Blood was a town selectman in 1875.

The Bloods were a prolific family in this area of southern New Hampshire and across the border in northern Massachusetts. Blood Farm, in West Groton, MA, has been in the Blood family for seven generations.

At some point after the Bloods lived here, Charles Babb moved in. People in town who knew him refer to him as Colonel Babb or Charlie. He served as a private in the Spanish-American war, so I am not sure about the Colonel part. He lived in this house until he was quite old. When we insulated the attic, we found a bundle of love letters sent to him by a married woman in Fitchburg. He was meant to destroy the letters, but apparently could not bring himself to do so.

In 1982, the place was purchased by Carl and Carol Lanza, who made extensive renovations, updating the facilities and adding a three-season room, a mud room, pool, cabana, and detached garage. Another couple bought the property in the 1990s and added a beautiful 30x40 ft barn that looks as if it has always been here.

We've fenced the fields, planted a small orchard of mostly heritage varieties, and put in roses, daylilies, and thousands of narcissus.

Circa 1806